James put so much effort into out Halloween foods last week that I thought it would be a shame not to show them off!

He spent all day cooking because Halloween is his favorite holiday of all time, we had so much food it was ridiculous.

He made Mummy sausage rolls. He made his own Crescent Dough (they don’t sell it in Aus) from scratch!


Devilled eggs which had bloody cracks all over the bottom.


Bone shaped bread sticks, again totally from scratch. He’s so good at baking bread!


Baked potato/sweet potato chips and grilled haloumi. Not sure how these ones were spooky but I’m sure there was a reason XD Apparently the haloumi were going to be frankensteins and the chips were black and orange, but the dye didn’t take to the potato and he ran out of time with the frankensteins.


Onion and bacon dip again from scratch. This was SO delicious, I ate a ridiculous amount of it. I ended up having some kind of allergic reaction to the onion he used so my face was a little puffy and I was tearing the entire night. I had to re-apply my false lashes 4 times because they glue just wouldn’t stick >_<

Totally worth it though because it was delicious.


And the pièce de résistance? Graveyard cake!

James’ mum apparently used to make this for them as children.


We didn’t have all of the American ingredients but he did very well anyway and it was delicious!


For drinks, Celina made the most delicous betty sorbet smoothies.


And they were served in my custom goblets.


Spoooooky XD

Of course we had all of the usual candy and we bought some imported things like candycorn. We all ate far too much and watched Silent Hill. The next day James and I had the traditional post Halloween breakfast of candy 😀 Best Halloween so far!

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