Today I figured I would do a quick walk through of how I made Lottie’s Halloween costume. I’m not really sure how I feel about dogs wearing cutesy clothing in general because I know some of them hate it. As she’ll most likely need to wear a coat when we go out in winter next year our vet suggested getting her used to it now while she’s still little. I haven’t made her any real coats yet so I figured I’d get in quick and do something that could double for Halloween.

I cut up a shirt that my Mum was going to get rid of as it didn’t fit.


First I cut the skirt section off.


Then I cut down around the clasp so I could fold the top of the black part over to form a collar.


I stitched the collar in place and put a piece of elastic through it so it was the right size for her neck.


The  I cut off a piece of the stretchy arm of the dress and stitched it on the inside of the cape so it would go around her tummy and keep it all in place.


Of course the front needed to be cut much shorter so it wouldn’t get in the way of her feet. To keep the jagged look I snipped unevenly and went all around the back too.


I couldn’t resist so I made a matching hat clip too from the scraps… though I ended up wearing it more than she did >_>


Verdict: she couldn’t have cared less about wearing it so I don’t think I’ll have any problems at all when it comes to Winter again!


She couldn’t stand the smell of one of our Halloween broom props though XD I was quite surprised she didn’t try to eat it!


Very cute and a good practice run for a time where she really needs something like this.


I’m so glad she’s such a relaxed puppy with things like this because it makes it much easier to do important things like bathing and clipping her nails without her panicking!


Hope you guys all had an awesome Halloween and had fun with your costumes too!


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