Halloween!! This is the first year we’ve ever decorated our house. And the first year I’ve put much effort into my costume. Halloween is getting more popular in Aus though we still didn’t have any trick or treaters.

We decided to do a family theme of Adventure Time! I was Princess Bubblegum, James was Finn and Lottie was Jake because I didn’t want to put her in her witch costume for very long.


We didn’t do much for our costumes, most of it we already had but I made James’ hood and my crown.


I coloured my hair pink for the night using some pastels, I’ll show you how I did it in an upcoming video.


Very happy with the costumes! I kind of wanted to change outfits into her other ones throughout the night XD


James made a very good Finn, I think they are the same mental age XD


He couldn’t find a sword so he borrowed Lottie’s broom. I made his hat in around 10 minutes by hot gluing some polar fleece together and his backpack is a green pillow with tape for straps XD Super dodgy!


Now on to the spoooky decorations we had XD

Personally I hate fake spider web but it’s a staple of Halloween so I covered all of the windows in it.


The lounge area had a flock of bats flying out the window, you can’t see very well but on the corner they actually come off the wall on wires.


We had skull candle holders and Autumn leaves everywhere.


The most important part: candy table 😀


The real food table and more Autumn leaves.


My new message board (tutorial soon) was covered with a black cat, spider web and even more Autumn leaves. I really like Autumn leaves.Adventure-Time-Halloween-Costume-Cosplay860

So much so that the same was put on the kitchen cupboards.


I made some very quick custom goblets too, these plastic cups were $3 at Big W.


All it took was a bit of acrylic paint and a small paintbrush.


A few coats and they were done.


Easy, effective and after the night they just wash clean. Make sure not to get the outside wet during the party though or else you’ll have bats coming off on your fingers XD


And a bonus shot of James being measured for his hood. Classy! Maybe I should have kept it that way…


What did you guys do for Halloween? Did you get dressed up?

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