Phew it’s been a big week this week!

First video in an OOTD, this one features one of the dresses I got from DreamV. I think I might take it apart and make it a shirt/skirt combo because it’s a bit big and long as a dress so I can’t wear it without a belt 😀

And another OOTD which features a pink formal gown I was sent. I feel like a princess in it XD

Next is  a hair tutorial which was originally  in an OOTD post and was requested. It’s a mini high ponytail with a braid leading up to it.

And a while ago our family all came to visit at once. My Mum lives in Melbourne but all of James’ family plus my Dad came down on the same weekend. Many hijinks ensued XD

Hope you all had a good weekend! ^_^

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