I’ve been doing a lot of home projects lately.


But that doesn’t mean I don’t have time for Chatime breaks! I think our house needs this gigantic bubble tea. It would add to the ambience.


I want to name my bin and make it cute like this too!


James learned how to make Key Lime Fudge, omg best thing ever!


The recipe is so basic that you can make pretty much any flavor fudge too! I’ll have to post about it properly soon.


James’ Mum and brother Kris.


The MASSIVE bento I had. Uuugh why do I write these posts before dinner? So hungry again!


We had a craft day with Kim recently and god a lot of not much done XD


But we had delicious buttermilk chicken.


And pancakes! They are so delicious and so cute with their little penguin tummies to hold the syrup.


James played around with her pinhole lens on my camera.


It made everything looks so vintage.


I really like this photo of James, it looks so candid.


It was such a nice relaxing day, we read magazines and actually did nothing for once!


Dinner that night was some of the best Japanese food I’d had. I love tofu. I know it’s weird but I just love it XD


I found this photo from when we were still puppy hunting too, she was the most beautiful dog from a shelter but she was too big for our house, had to be taken with her sister and not available yet 🙁 She was absolutely beautiful though!


I hope she found a wonderful home though and maybe one day Lottie will need a sister!

Have you guys gotten much done this week? I’m still spending a lot of my time training and playing with Lottie, she’s so beautiful!

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