A few weeks ago I did a tutorial on how to make headphone jack accessories, this is kind of a companion piece to that because now I’m seeing power cord jack accessories everywhere! The most popular ones I’ve seen have been little fur tails that clip in, again quite expensive but extremely easy to make if you have an old broken power cord. I had a first gen ipod so I have quite a few broken power cords XD

The end result!


What you need:

  • Old broken power jack
  • Faux fur
  • Hot glue
  • Pliers


Cut the cord off the power cord. While I was working the case cracked off my power cord, not a big deal because it will be covered but it would have been cleaner if it had stayed on.


Cut out a a triangle of faux fur twice as wide as you want the tail to be.


Fold it in half and glue the edges together. Keep the glued part on the inside so the fur strands hide it.


Now glue the power cord into the end of the tail.


Make sure it’s secure and not going anywhere.


Wait until it’s dry and then you’re done! You can add some strings of pearls or a cute bow for extra decoration.


It looks a bit less OTT on James’ phone XD


I personally probably wouldn’t use one because I am always strapped for handbag space as it is but it was a fun project to do and very easy! I like this kind of thing because you can dress up your phone easily and remove it if you need to go somewhere it’s not as appropriate!

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