Ocean snapshots! Oh my gosh, these photos look so sunshiny but it was freezing XD It was the height of winter!



Tobias doing some filming!


We were filming an outfit video and some stuff for Celina.


James took the opportunity to get some very high fashion styled photos too, though I just looked like a tool XD IMG_0671

I think the rest of the photos kind of speak for themselves. Though make sure you repeat “OMG COLD” in your head while you view them!


finally found the photos from when we met Michelle Phan at the Lancome event too!


It was a really long time ago but the photos are still really pretty.


Celina’s phone is totally blinged out now too!


The event was a Myer’s fancy upstairs room and it was all done up with flowers and very lovely fittings.


I wonder if it’s fun seeing your face all over the posters and walls at events like this?


Again, Michelle was really lovely and answered all of our questions. Make sure you check out my video from the day if you haven’t already!

VioletLeBeauxMelbourne-Ocean-80706_20159 copy

Lastly here are some shots of us screwing around while waiting for an appointment. Because we’re classy like that 😀

This one is totally my iphone lock scene now XD


 Hope you guys had an awesome week too!

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