I think it’s time for some more Lottie photos 😀 😀 😀

I don’t want to be one of those people who posts nothing but photos of their dog/cat/baby/palmtree/fish but I can’t help it, she’s so freaking cute! Also, this post may be to say sorry for my inconsistency of being online/comment replies etc. It’s so distracting when you’re trying to work and she’s just SO cute!


We took some family photos last week to use for a Christmas craft I’m planning but she was so bouncy she didn’t want to sit still for them XD


I can’t believe what a personality she’s developed in the last few weeks. The change from the terrified little puppy to the cuddly, bouncy girl is amazing.

She loves following me around and “helping” with things. We made the bed together the other day.


James’ Mum bought her the most adorable travel bag and she went in an started sleeping right away!


She’s not allowed to walk yet because she’s 1 vaccination short but she can come around in the case so we’re trying to socialise her early!


She is so spoiled, Kim gave her a new bed too which was adorable!!


Total love for this!! She has so many aunties who love her XD


I decided to needle felt her name on the strawberry but she wouldn’t get out of it! I ended up letting her go to sleep and doing it while she was in there >_<


She loves to play rough with James, he’s totally happy to have someone who doesn’t yell at him for trying to tickle them!


She’s grown and her coat is begining to change, I can’t wait to see what she looks like when she totally blows her coat!


And she has the cutest little butt ever with her piggy tail.


Her ears are finally starting to pop up too so she looks more like her brothers.


She has the most FANTASTIC faces!


Above all she loves to nap. It can be hard to take photos when she’s awake because she loves running around so I have 50 billion of Sleeping Lottie 😀cute-pomeranian-puppy216

Things I’ve learned about Lottie:

  • She loves playing with yarn
  • She stretches like a cat
  • She may actually be some kind of sneaky cat in disguise
  • She learned toilet training much quicker than I thought she would!
  • She is actually really smart and she loves practicing her tricks. She knows sit, lay down, shake, roll over, come, fetch and she’s learning heel, go to your strawberry and dance.
  • She will chew ANYTHING.
  • She only hates to be by herself when she knows someone else is home. She’s fine if we’re out but if we’re just in the other room she desperately wants to come hang out.
  • She doesn’t care for this one specific ad on tv where a dog barks.
  • She used to HATE getting her feet wet but now she washes her paws in her bowl and cleans them XD


Such a poser!


I wish I could get a good shot of her sitting so you could see how cute her underchin is, her white tummy makes her look like a fox!


Also zomg I can’t believe there are REAL Scooby Snacks! The box even said “safe for humans but not recommended” mwahahaha! I want to make my own!


Did I mention she loves napping the in the weirdest positions?


The progression of the laziest dog in the world:


She makes a great foot warmer too 😀


She is so cuddly, in fact so much so that most of the photos I try to take like this:


…end up like this when she tries to lick my ears XD


So 3 weeks on, is having a puppy what I expected? After reading so many horror stories and being VERY prepared it’s actually a lot better than I thought. Lottie has brought so much awesomeness into our lives and I couldn’t be happier with her.


Both James and I couldn’t be happier and I am SO SO SO excited for her to have her next shots so we can finally go out walking and to parks with her! I want to take her to the Botanical Gardens and watch her discover grass XD

And now as lots of people have pointed out I have to change my bio to “wants a puppy is a house cat” to “has the best puppy in the world”!!

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