The wardrobe recycling continues!

Today I’m showing you guys how I made a basic top…


Out of an old skirt!


It’s a surprisingly easy modification to do with any nice skirt you want to make a change with!

You need:

  • A skirt
  • Elastic or ribbon which is the same or smaller width than the waist band
  • Needle and thread
My skirt had a zip up the back so the first thing I did was lay it flat and make sure to measure so it was directly in the middle. It will end up going down the back of the shirt.


To make arm holes cut two lines down the side of the skirt starting just below the waist band. Measure and make sure your arm can actually fit through the holes. Fold the edges of the fabric in and stitch around in a circle so they are edged with a nice smooth seam.


Next is the neck. The neckline is gathered using the waistband and a piece of elastic.


Make a small cut on either side of the zip. This is where you can poke through the elastic to thread it around the whole waistband. I was lucky, my waistband was made hollow, you may need to unpick some stitches.


Thread the elastic all way through and out the other side. Stitch it place so it can’t move around and then stitch up the holes again. Again make sure you measure so you know it will fit around your neck comfortably without choking you. Oxygen = good.


That’s it… seriously.


Depending on the skirt and the fabric you used the new shirt will drape in different ways. My skirt was very clingy so it worked with and without a belt.


Though I always prefer with a belt for more shape.


Such an easy way to give an old skirt a new lease on life! What do you guys think?


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