For my birthday earlier in the year my Dad gave me his old laptop. Very happy because it was was a big step up from my old laptop, Sophie! I named this one Turnip 😀 Aaanyway I decided not to make the same mistakes I did with my old laptop (not putting on a protector and never actually get around to decoing it). First step was to make the keyboard pink with a keyboard cover! I ordered mine from ebay for $1.50 but it didn’t quite fit, but for $1.50 I didn’t expect much XD


The cover:Violet-LeBeaux-Keyboard-Cover135And how it bubbled in the middle:

It fit when smooshed down but not just sitting on top like it was supposed to. Thin double sided tape to the rescue! Violet-LeBeaux-Keyboard-Cover138 Step #1. Wipe it down so there’s no dust. Violet-LeBeaux-Keyboard-Cover139 Step 2. Cut out small pieces and stick them down to the keys. You could do all of them but I just picked strategic keys. Violet-LeBeaux-Keyboard-Cover141 Step 3. Peel off the tape backing and then place the silicone cover over the top. Violet-LeBeaux-Keyboard-Cover144 Press each key into place. Violet-LeBeaux-Keyboard-Cover145 Done!! Violet-LeBeaux-Keyboard-Cover146 Cuter and also more protected! Now I just need to actually finish the deco around the lid >_< I swear I’ll finish it soon! Soooooooooooon!