It’s another family trip snapshot post today!

Aww James and his Mum! Hi if you’re reading this!


Some delicious pork from Kaneda.


We wandered around Myer trying to find everyone and while James was trying to give directions over the phone, I was more concerned with photos XD


While we were shopping for a jacket for James’ brother he spotted this mannequin who was in need of a belt.


Then we spotted these expensive pants which literally had a piece of rope as a belt… seriously. I guess they might have helped the mannequin.


This is my Dad getting to read my Bergamot book for the first time!


Bergamot on my phone looked on XD


Marionnettes like this creep me out.


I saw this snoring prevention device… it’s a stick with a glove to punch your partner in the face with!


We had lunch at a super cute little cafe. I’m a sucker for anything with flowers.



They made really nice crepes.


James tried out a racing game and he was doing really well until he crashed on the last lap (so he says…).VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Snapshot38_21120VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Snapshot42_21124

Now let’s get in some pretty architecture! This is the chandelier where Dad was staying.


The city is having a lot of construction at the moment but I find building sites quite beautiful too.


The Hyatt is possibly the ugliest building in the entire city, it’s bright gold, it reminds me of costume jewellery from the 1970’s.


This one kind of reminds me of a highway with lots of cars on it.




I feel like this restaurant wanted to be called “Kings of Thai” but that was taken so they just went with “Things of Thai” hahaha!VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Snapshot55_21137

This is the place that James’ family was staying, so pretty!


I told James and Kris to look cool and this was the best they could come up with, really?


That weekend I had the best cheesecake I’ve eaten in my entire life at Hopetoun. Normally their cakes have been kind of whatever but this cheesecake was so good, my mouth is actually watering again right now thinking about it.


I have to go now and dream about that cheesecake again.

Did you eat do anything good this week?


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