I’ve been doing a lot of remakes from my old clothes lately. It’s more fun turning something old into something new!

This is the story of how I made this suit vest…


…out of this ill-fitting suit jacket! My Mum was throwing it away so I figured I might as well have a play with it and see what I could come up with!


I used:

  • A suit jacket
  • Sewing machine/needle and thread
  • Scissors


First thing I did was cut off the sleeves. I cut them very close to the collar so the shape was more vest-ish than just jacket-with-no-sleeves 😉


See what I mean?


Next I tried it on and pinned so it was fitted under the arm holes. I also started playing with the shape at the bottom to make the edges a lot more pointed.


The back started off plain like this:


But as the waist was far too loose I pinned it in a box pleat.


After trying it on and adjusting the fit I started securing it all together. I stitched the box pleat first.


Then the dart under the arm hole.


Then I stitched the pointed ends at the front. While doing this I folded so far that the bottom button was off to the side to open it more up.


Lastly I re-hemmed the arm holes.


The result was much more fitted!


I didn’t like the top of the box pleat sitting slightly bunched so I stitched it down a little more. I left the bottom to flare out so it created a slight bussle effect.


And there you have it!


The back puffes out and looks great with a ruffly skirt but I’m thinking of adding some snap closures so I can decide if I want it to be puffy or not depending on outfit.


It’s not something that I would wear every day but I like the shape and it fills a gap in my wardrobe!


Have you guys done any fun modifications lately?