Let’s make some little fabric roses! I made these ones to decorate a top now it’s a bit warmer 😀 I’ll show you the top as soon as it’s finished too.


You need:

  • Fabric (gauze, chiffon or anything of a similar floaty texture)
  • Needle and thread
Cut a long strip of fabric. It should be triangle shaped so it’s thin at one end and thick at the other.


For best results cut it on the bias, this means that all the threads in the fabric are diagonal to the edges not straight. You can kind of see what I mean below but here’s a better explanation.


Fold the strip of fabric in half along the length.


Start at the thin end and roll it into a spiral.


You want it to be pretty messy as you roll and you can gather the bottom slightly to make the top puff out more like petals. Stitch in place as you go.


As you roll the edges will become a little ragged so they will look like ruffled petals:


Once you reach the end of the fabric stitch it all in place and tie off. The fabric being cut on the bias means that the edges will frey a little but not so much that the fabric comes apart completely. The more the frey the prettier the roses get anyway.


And from the side:


You can make larger or smaller flowers depending on how big the original piece of fabric is. I like to group them in threes and put them on shirts or hair bands.


Pretty and great for trimming dresses too.


You can of course just buy these ready made but I prefer to do them by hand if I have time because you can completely colour match them to your individual project ^_^

I really like making them, what else do you think I could put them on?

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