Still growing out my nails! I haven’t written about it as much I meant to because of the fluffy little dog who’s sleeping in my lap at the moment. Lottie can be a very distracting puppy with all of her adorableness… also her love of standing on my keyboard doesn’t really help either XD

Aaaanyway today I wanted to share my manicure routine and show you guys an easy way to do retro styled moon manicures.


I used:

  • Base coat from Daiso
  • Purple Pretty Serious Polish
  • Gold glitter Ulta 3 polish
  • Top coat from Daiso
  • Nivea hand cream
  • Clippers
  • A thick rubber band
First off is some basic maintenance, I use hand cream to soften everything up and moisturise my fingers. I try to use hand cream a couple of times a day but I am quite forgetful.


Next I use the point part of the clippers to remove any dirt under the nail gently. Normally I would use a cuticle stick for this because I hate the feel of metal but I’m totally out at the moment >_<


My cuticles are pretty dry and beat up because I use my hands a lot day to day but they’re getting better slowly.


After my hands are dry I paint a base coat, sometimes two. This prevents the polish from staining the nail and also give it some strength.


Really short nails can be kind of irritating to paint clearly because it can be hard to keep the polish off the end of the finger. My solution to this is using a rubberband to pull back the skin and you’ll get a clean coat every time.


Hold the rubberband like this and it will gently move the skin away and make a barrier for the polish.


Now just paint as normal and go straight over the rubberband.


Take the rubberband away and it will take the extra polish with it. Keep going with each finger and you’ve got  nice perfect manicure!


You can use the same technique for making vintage moons or french tips without any overflow too. You just need to hold the rubberband tightly in the shape you want. I decided to do some glitter moon shapes so I held the rubberband like this:


Then painted the glitter polish over the top.


After removing the rubberband (while the polish is still wet) you should get something like this:


As long as you can hold the rubberband steady you’ll get a good result. This makes painting your non-dominant hand much easier too.

Once everything it dry it’s time for a top coat!


Super shiny and pretty 😀 Much less clean up than usual too!


I hope the tips were a bit helpful for those of you tying to grow out your nails too! Mine are starting to come along nicely, I took these photos quite a while ago! To be honest, it’s been a lot easier this time because I’ve been so busy I haven’t even had time to think about it XD

How are you all going with your progress?

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