Australia seems to have a love hate relationship with Ugg boots. Sometimes they’re acceptable fashion, sometimes they’re just for bogans. The rest of the world seems to have embraced them though and far be it from me to tall poppy them 😉

As an Australian I’m slightly embarassed to own ugg boots because they were so uncool when I grew up. Well not ugg boots but the $7 equivalent from Target. I honestly don’t know how these managed to be some kind of fashion statement or something that people wear in public? Growing up in North Queensland, uggs were the kind of thing that you wore around the house or farm, not what you wore to the shops. Maybe to the servo at like 2am or the McDonalds drive through… but definitely not as a fashion statement, it always seems to me like wearing pajamas out haha! Each to their own though ^_^

I ended up with this pair (my first ever) when my last slippers finally bit the dust as the rubber bottoms disintegrated all over the floor one day. It was the middle of Winter and there was nothing remotely boot-like in the store other than these.

This is pretty much sums up how I feel:


But ignoring the whole debate over cool or not cool, comfortable or not comfortable I certainly didn’t want plain ones so I added some quick decorations to jazz them up a bit.

I used some nylon lace, ribbon flowers and a hot glue gun. You really should sew them but I’m not expecting mine to last for very long since the fluff is already half gone XD It’ll be Summer soon anyway so I can go back to Mario slippers!


First I glued a row of lace around the edge of the turned over part.




A couple of flowers completes the job in around 10 minutes max!


Yep that’s it!


I still don’t know how I feel about them. They’re quite good for around the home but I don’t think I’ll be shopping in them any time soon 😉


All of this deep thinking about Australia’s export items makes me sleepy anyway….


What do you guys think?? Does your country have any exports which other countries think are cool when everyone at home thinks they’re a bit lame?

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