Finally the Home Sweet Home Project makes it to my craft area!

The frist thing I did here was paint my table and shelves because they were making the whole area look dark. The junk everywhere probably didn’t help but that’s the next post XD I can’t only take things one step at a time haha!

Before and after:


It’s still messy but it’s totally a step up 😀 😀 😀

There really wasn’t much to this. Kim gave me some pink paint that she was finished with and I went to town.


The small table first with a test swatch.


Then the shelves.


After giving the table a couple of coats I gave it a wash of PVA glue for strength and covered the top in clear contact.


I then made a cut table cloth to hide all the crap underneath using some old table runners my Mum didn’t want. Goodbye visible mess 😀


Next the shelves. I painted them first then a coat of PVA.


I covered each shelf with some pretty paper. I didn’t have enough to do all of then the same which was a bit annoying but I alternated instead. I’ll probably change them once I get some more paper. More future projects!


And back in place! There’s a pretty handsome man holding a flash in there too 😀


Ignore all the crap on the floor waiting to be put back XD


Aaaaand done!


Now I just need to actually clean it out properly and get rid of the junk. I always hoard craft supplies… just in case I need them! I totally might need that 3 inches of cute fabric… and that piece of string… and those pieces of cardboard… I might!! -_-‘ I think I have a hoarding problem.