It’s been a long time since I’ve done any make up reviews here but I want to start sharing my all time favorite products. I’m saving reviews for stuff I’m just testing for the Beauty Review area of the website but things I love and use every day are going to go here so I can share them properly.

I started using liquid eyeliners recently because they’re a lot more convenient than my beloved gel liners to travel with and keep in my handbag. I wanted to find the ultimate liner, something that stayed on perfectly, didn’t smudge or take forever to dry.

My plan for this post was to test out 5-10 liners and put them in an Iron Chef style showdown. There was going to be a proper battle and everything where I duelled with myself to find the ultimate winner.

Then I tested the first one I was sent and realised that I didn’t need to keep looking because it ticked everything on my check list >_< Yay?

I guess I’ll be saving my Ultimate Iron Chef Make Up Battle for something else then XD


So the product I’ve been using for these last few months is Illamasqua’s Precision Ink in Abyss.Illamasqua-Liquid-Eyeliner-Review-VioletLeBeaux-0273

So review.

I love the applicator, it’s a felt tip which dips into the ink bottle. I love felt applicators because their pointed shape allows very easy drawing for those who aren’t experienced with liquid liner. Liquid can be a bit more tricky to control than gel or pencil so it’s good to have an applicator which basically does the work for you. Because it’s a tapered edge you can just press it on in the shape you want rather than having to actually draw and run the risk of bumps. This also makes wings and flicks much easier to draw evenly as you just need to press the applicator on in that angle.

The applicator. Excuse the photo, I was doing my best Iron Chef intro. Apparently this cuisine will reign supreme.


And close ups of it applied.


The colour is extremely opaque and goes on very easily.


I find it easy to do very thick lines and very thin lines.


It stays on all day very well and doesn’t flake. I do debate it being “waterproof” while it doesn’t run in water I wouldn’t call it waterproof because it just rubs off with water for removal. I love that it does just clean off with water because it’s good for me at night time but I just probably wouldn’t describe it as waterproof XD


That’s pretty much the only bone I have to pick with this liner though. I’ve used it daily for around 2 months and I LOVE it. It’s on my Holy Grail list. Illamasqua-Liquid-Eyeliner-Review-VioletLeBeaux-0307

Verdict: Goes on smooth, easy to apply, great applicator, doesn’t budge during the day, extreme love, don’t eat it.


And that’s the first of my all time favorite products 😀 Hope you enjoyed!

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