I’ve been focusing more on little details recently for Home Sweet Home projects.

Today I did the smallest one so far: glitter dipped keys.


I wasn’t sure how well the PVA glue would stay on the metal so I did this old useless key first before I tried it on any of my actual ones. Turns out it stays really well!Cute-Glitter-Keys-0241

It couldn’t be simpler to do either, just coat the end of the key in the PVA glue.


Drop it in glitter.


Wait for it to dry and either recoat with more glue to seal it in or give it a very solid brush to get rid of any loose pieces. Washable fabric glue is another great alternative which doesn’t require a top coat.


These kinds of projects have been around for ages and I’ve seen different versions ranging from painting the ends of the keys with nail polish to baking sculpey covers on the ends. No matter which method you choose it really brightens up your handbag!


I found it made the keys easier to differentiate by feeling the texture so I didn’t have to dig around my bag to find the right one either!

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