Let’s kick off today with some flowers 😀

When I have real window boxes not fake ones I’d love to fill them with these in lots of different colours. That would be so pretty!


I recieved this awesome care package from Glow! I looove it, especially the face masks, I’ve been using them like crazy to try and get my skin under control!


James’ family and my Dad came down to visit a while ago and I finally edited the photos from then.  I asked James’ aunt to take a photo for me but I forgot to turn on the stabilisation XD very pretty!


Inside had much better light!


We went to a bar for some snacks while the boys watched a football game. The place had the most beautiful stained glass windows!


The inside was so pretty! I think it might have also been a hotel.


We did some online window shopping while we were waiting XD This is James’ aunt Mary.


The snacks were really yummy!


The bar tended made me a mocktail, he was so sweet. When we told him how yummy they were he was all “That’s what I do!” XD


Very fancy 3 layer hot chocolates too!


The next day I spotted this old car, this photo would have been so much cooler if it didn’t have the pole in the way >_<


I had a massive macaron, it was covered in edible gold glitter!


I gave my Dad some presents for his next door neighbour, one of my youngest fans back in Brisbane 😀


We were book shopping and this was pretty funny, I think maybe someone misplaced the psychology books XD


Late one night we went and played some pool with James’ brother.


Well they played pool and I cheered.


Well I played one game but I cheated so badly won by such a large margin that I decided to let them play.


It really wasn’t the most serious game ever XD


We had dinner at an Italian restaurant out in Carlton and they had this really cool tree lamp installation thing! I’m sure I could do that in my living room XD


Delicious haloumi cheese, ah so good. I have a serious love for cheese.


I tried gnocci for the first time but it wasn’t very good. Not sure if I just didn’t like the texture or because it wasn’t that great or if I actually don’t like gnocci so I’ll have to try it somewhere else and see!


What did you guys get up to this week?

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