You guys saw a little bit of this outfit when I did the tutorial on making these rock style stockings.


I wore it when we were filming for a bunch of zombie related things which are coming up soon!


Dress- Paige Flynn
Vest- Made by me, it was an old suit jacket which I repurposed, tutorial soon!
Stockings- Made by me, tutorial here!
Shoes- DreamV


Did I mention how much I love these stockings? Adding more black to my wardrobe has really opened my style up more! Up until recently I have been fairly all or nothing with my fashion choices, I wore almost all black in highschool then I wore Lolita every day for years then I moved into hime gyaru etc. Now I find myself experimenting more and mixing things together to find looks which are different. It’s really fun!


I made the vest out of an old suit jacket that my Mum was  throwing away, I’m not sure how often I’ll wear it but it’s quite cute!


I bought the dress around 2 years ago and it was from a shop Celeste found. They had a bunch of pretty things! Unfortunately I only got to wear it a few times before it went through the wash with something blue and was turned a gross purpley grey colour. It wasn’t until recently when I decided to experiment with bleaching fabrics to get interesting patterns that I got it back to the original colour.


I wore my hair in very loose curls, I’ve been doing this a lot lately because the GHD means I can do it very quickly in the morning and have it last a few days. I prefer my hair curled rather than straight if it’s going to be down but I often value my sleep more than my hair first thing in the morning so I’ve gotten quite lazy XD I do tend to regret not doing it half way through the day though haha.


I wanted to do something a little interesting with my make up too so I used a beige wash over the lid with a purple line of eyeliner. The liner was actually just shadow that I applied using a pointed brush. It gives a pretty effect I think!


I topped it off with a a pink lipstick and the make up brought a sweet touch to a darker outfit.