Today I made a tulle tutu style skirt 😀


There are two variations with this because you can either just have one which ties over a skirt you have or you can do like I did and actually stitch it on.


You need:

  • Tulle (the soft kind, not the hard netting)
  • Ribbon
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Skirt for a base if you want one
I decided to use this plain skirt as a base because I never really wore it anyway.


Cut a piece of ribbon which is long enough to wrap around the skirt’s waist (or your own if you’re not going to use a base) and then tie into a cute bow.


Lay out the tulle and cut it into strips that are around 15cm wide and 2.5 times as long as your skirt. Cut out a heap of these strips.


Take the first strip folded in half like this over the ribbon.


Pull the ends of the tullearound the ribbon and through the folded part so they go through the loop. Pull it tight and the tulle should be like this with the ribbon running through the middle…


Repeat with all of the strips of tulle.


As you go you’ll see it forms a tutu with an interesting top area. If you pull the knots tight you can fit more tulle and make a fuller skirt. I didn’t have much tulle so I left them fairly loose.


Once you’re done it’s time to decide if you just want to tie it around your waist like this or if you want to actually attach it to the skirt. I decided to attach it to the skirt so I lined the ribbon up and found where the middle was.


Then I used a needle and thread to stitch them in place.


My skirt had a side zip so I made sure to leave a gap for that and stitch the ribbon either side of it. Then I tied the bow at the front.


So then what I had was this:


Obviously depending on the look you’re going for you could just leave the hanging parts uneven like this. I wanted a more traditional shape though so I snipped them evenly.




And here it is worn!


I love pink, white and black combination!


This is the kind of skirt which can be styled in pretty much any way, they look great with most styles.


What do you guys think? I need an excuse to wear it out now!

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