Do you guys ever have cool ideas while you’re dreaming? It’s so weird but sometimes I actually wake up from half a dream and it’s given me an idea for a project!

That’s how I came to the idea of doing these stockings anyway!


They’re really rock styled but I love them and depending on the stockings you use and the colours you could do so many other versions for different styles!


So let’s get started!

You need:

  • Thick stockings
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins


You need some stockings to start with. The kind of stockings you use is very important, they need to have a very high denier and not be prone to running. The thicker the better!

Lay out the stockings flat on the floor.


Start by putting pins at even spaces down the side of the leg. The pins are where you will be cutting the bow shapes so make sure you have enough and space them as thick as you want the bows.


I did twice as many as shown in the photo for lots of bows.


Make small snips where the pins are. The longer the cuts are the more revealing the stockings will be. Remember that once they’re on your legs they tend to stretch so do less than you think you’ll need. You can always cut them bigger later but it’s harder to go backwards!


Now to make them into bow shapes. Take a piece of thread and push it through the first tab of the stockings.


Pull it tight and tie it in a knot. The tab will crumple up like a bow. If you want them to be exactly perfect you can pleat and stitch each one but that will take a very long time and really looks pretty much the same in the finished project.


Tie the thread tightly and knot it off. Cut any loose edges and you should have something like this:


Keep oing until you’ve done them all.


When the stocking is flattened out it should look like this:


If you are concerned about fraying and ladders a quick fit is to dot a tiny bit of clear nail polish at the corners where the ends of the cuts are. This will dry unnoticeable but will prevent anything from unraveling.


Try them on to make sure they fit and make the snips bigger if you want to!


When you’re all finished put them on and enjoy!


This is such a different style than I’m used to but it’s so much fun!


I think at the moment my casual style is leaning towards back and rockish.


While my dressy style is much more princessy.


Either way these were really easy to make and I look forward to trying some more different things to do with stockings soon!

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