When I’m sick I tend to sulk a lot. I drink a lot of tea and sulk XD Sometimes you need something little to lift your spirits like something sparkly and pretty!


I usually use this Breathe Easy ointment from Perfect Potions to clear my nose and throat. I bought it for my hayfever when I was like 14 and have had it ever since. When I went to decorate it a bit I looked at the label for the first time…Glitter-Vaporub-233

It expired 6 years ago *________________*

Serious fail, I can’t believe I didn’t see that earlier or even think about it!!


Long story short I decided to keep the nice jar and fill it with some generic chest rub. I’ll have to find a Perfect Potions and rebuy one but now I’m too busy being depressed thinking about how long ago buying that was!!


To make your own glittery chest rub you need:

  • Bottle
  • Chest rub
  • Glitter
  • PVA Glue
  • Paper
First remove any labels and the sticky residue they leave.


Place the piece of paper on the table (makes clean up a lot easier!) and place a layer of glitter on it as wide as the bottle.


Cover the bottle with PVA glue.


Roll the bottle gently along the glitter.


Keep going until it’s covered.


Wipe off any stray pieces and leave it to dry. Once it’s one you can paint it with another layer of PVA to hold it all in or you can give it a very good brush off into the sink and hope for the best! You could also give it a blast with some non sticky hairspray to hold it in place, I used to do that with shimmer and glitter on drawings to hold them all in place ^_^


I added a little charm at the top too.


Now breathe easy and enjoy feeling slightly better!


Being sick really sucks so I hope none of your managed to catch anything during this cold season!

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