Dear Old Boring Black Cardigan With The Weird Sleeves That Make My Arms Look Dumb,

Please stop being so old and boring so I have more reason to wear you out.


Apparently writing letters to your clothing doesn’t actually work. Who knew?

So this is how I fixed that problem instead and turned Old Boring Black Cardigan into something which is a little more my style and a tiny bit Chanel inspired.


This is original old boring cardigan:DIY-Chanel-Style-Cardigan-VioletLeBeaux-0843You need:

  • Contrasting elastic
  • Needle/Thread/Sewing machine
  • Old boring cardigan

I thought about adding some other decorations but ended up sticking to something more classic.


First snip off all of the buttons.


Pin the elastic around the edge of the cardigan. Make sure to try it on so it all sits flat.


Stitch it in place along the side closest to the edge. I decided to just stitch the one edge so I could still use the button holes underneath. Fold the edges of the elastic over the bottom too so they are hidden.


Add two more strips of elastic horizontally like little fake pockets. Make sure to fold their edges over too so they’re not exposed.


Stitch in place. If you want you can stitch the buttons back in place too or just use a brooch to hold it closed. To fix the bunchy sleeve problem I re-hemmed the edges so they sat flat instead of being gathered.




Cute and much more interesting than Old Boring Black Cardigan. Now it’s Exciting Awesome Classic Cardigan.


Dear Violet,

THX for making me over LOL. I’m glad you actually take me out of the cupboard now, let’s be BFFs 😀 😀 😀


<3<3<3<3<3 Awesome Classic Cardigan<3<3<3<3<3


Now if I could just teach the cardigan that text speak isn’t appropriate to use in letters. Baby steps…

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