I don’t know why I can’t seem to settle on a phone design XD This one I think will be sticking around for a long time because I really love it. It’s over the top and completely impractical which I think is a little bit me!

And this one has my initial on it which is very much me 😀


Enjoy some iphone deco picture spam before I get into how I did it ^_^


So before anyone asks again, I use epoxy glue. That’s the kind I prefer to use for deco. You can use other types too, E9000 is very popular but I prefer epoxy because it’s cheap, does the job and is readily available.


Step one was to decide on the outside design. I prefer to do the outsides and work inwards because then you have no problems with uneven borders.


Next I laid out the rough design. I left the basic design on the case because it made an interesting effect on some of the clear gems. The bow and it’s ribbon trails are the biggest focal point of this design.


One by one I glued on the large pieces.


Next I did the V. I didn’t have the black jewels in many sizes so I just painted a couple of purple ones with nail polish. Easy fix!


Once that was done I started paving from the bottom up. Again I prefer to start at the bottom edge and move up because any gaps can be hidden under the bow but having gaps at the bottom edges really sucks.


I used a mixture of pink crystals and pearls along with some tiny pearl beads to fill gaps and random black jewels as spots.


I paved all the way up to the bow.


Then continued over to the other side once it’s all dry. With paving techniques like this it’s better to do it one section at a time so you’re not trying to move everything at once or having pieces slip into the wrong place when they dry.

And done!


The whole thing took around 2 hours, the biggest chunk of time was actually deciding on the design because I was being so indecisive. After I was finished I really wasn’t sure I liked it at all so I added a Bergamot charm and that really finished off the look and tied in all of the black pieces. Over all I think this is my favorite design so far on my phone!


What do you guys think?

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