I’ve posted a couple of videos of our adventures with Kracie/Poppin Cooking Japanese candy making kits but I thought those of you who can’t watch the videos might like to see some of the results too.


The kits come from Japan and cost a couple of hundred yen which is only a couple of dollars. Roughly 100 yen = AUD$1.00. To get them in Australia the minimum cost is around $15. Kim brought this one back from Singapore for us. The idea is that you make the candy yourself, it comes in powdered packets which you mix and pour into molds. Each kit has different flavours and a theme, we made the sushi one this time.

The very famous RRCherrypie does instructional videos if you want to see some, they are totally addictive!

This is the contents of the box, you have to cut open the plastic package because it has instructions as well as places to measure your pieces.


One by one you empty the packets into the corresponding plastic area, add water, stir and leave to set.


These parts were the egg and tuna topping.


I was kind of crap at making the nori wrapping XD It’s like trying to roll out bubble gum!


Totally serious business!


But in the end it does really look like sushi! And it even comes with soy sauce.


Both mine and Kim’s panda bento suffered slightly from user fail but it was a really fun way to spend time! The sushi was all grape flavoured but other kits vary.


You can get them on Amazon, ebay and a lot of other online stores, just google Kracie or Poppin Cookin kits. Hope you guys enjoyed as much as we did!

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