Snapshot time!!

You remember my favorite restaurant in Brisbane, the Kwan Yin Tea House? Last time we visited, the owner told me that her friend had a similar place in Melbourne that we should visit. HELL YES!

It’s called A Caterpillar’s Dream and it’s out at Kew. James got the mini burgers, so cuuuute!


The sweet potato wedges were just like Kwan Yin, so yummy! It’s much more up market though, they do breakfast and it’s all very cafe-ish. VERY Melbourne XDVioletLeBeauxP1070215_18356

Food almost like my favorite restaurant? Serious business!


It was all delicious and I could definitely see the similar styles but it wasn’t quite the same.

Yummy bento:


I would definitely go back again but it did make me miss Kwan Yin even more!


I spotted a Hello Kitty tram around the city a few weeks ago too. I think it was to celebrate the new Target range.


James made the most delicious beef bourguignon too. SO good!


We were walking around at night and the deserted Myer construction site looks so creepy *_* If they wanted to make some extra money they could totally film a horror movie there during construction!





Biggest Katsu EVER! It was like twice a wide as my waist *_*


That night we had an event and the only thing that was actually open on the way home was Mook Ji Bar.


We’d been walking around that much that I really didn’t care what we ate as long as it was hot! I love Winter but I think I’m ready for it to be Spring properly now.


Gigantic portions though!


This has been mostly food huh! I think it’s because I’m so hungry now waiting for it to be lunch time! I’ve been writing trying to get as many posts done ahead of time so I’m more organised and on top of things for once in my life. It’s nice to actually be ahead and not have to worry about details so much. It also means that I won’t be posting photos from weeks ago as much so wish me luck with it 😉

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