One of the things I keep stressing to myself when doing these Home Sweet Home projects is that functional doesn’t have to mean ugly and that was my main point in this mini project for our bathroom soaps dispensers.


The diary page:


I hate ugly bathroom stuff but good products often come in ugly packages.

This is another easy solution! Decent, good projects into pretty bottles.

Never give up function for beauty, you can have both!

So let’s get started.

It’s not a complicated concept, I’m just rebottling the products we buy often into prettier packages.

I had these two matching MOR bottles, one with lotion and one with body wash. They were the perfect size for the bathroom soaps and actually matched.


So I poured the bodywash into another container to use in the shower:



And the lotion too. This was a very thick lotion, so get it out I held a plastic bag around the bottle and shook it all out.


Then I cut a hole in the tip and piped it into another bottle to use later.


This is the kind of activity you should have some fun with XD


Repurposed shampoo bottles for the win! I’m going to decorate these later too.


After washing and drying them out it was just a matter of pouring the new products in.


Done! Matching and pretty 😀


Now of course you could just buy matching bottles, or only buy products which come in pretty bottles but the whole point of Home Sweet Home is that I want to use up things I have in new ways, I am on a strict budget so I don’t want to waste stuff like this! There’s no point for me to buy new things when I can just jazz up the old ones!

Stay tuned because I’m almost ready to reveal the first completed room in the project and it’s the bathroom. Can’t wait to show you the before and after photos!

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