Snapshot time!!

This sign at the Morris and Sons store made me very happy:


This is King Kitty, he sits on his throne and surveys all of this minions below! With how hard it’s been trying to find the right puppy I’m starting to think a cat might be better *_*


We went to a Photography expo over at Southbank called The Digital Show and it was pretty interesting, even for me who was not really interested in cameras at all XD


This is the face of the man who had his best morning ever though:


They had artists painting live which was really interesting to watch.


Some of their finished artwork:


The only cute things I saw there were these pink camera bags 😀


I did however make use of all of the lighting displays to take many photos of myself haha! A lot of people came to talk to me because I had my deco GF3 around my neck. Poor James, he didn’t get to talk to many people so I told him that he would do better if he deco’d his camera too mwahaha! He didn’t seem very impressed with my idea.


And on the way home I was inspired to take my own photos… though I cheated again and relied heavily on sepia mode 😉



After the photography expo we took a tram into town again to walk around.


We got some delicious macarons from QV.


And I tried a cake pop! Such a cute little owl 😀 She was a bit bitter though, totally a defence mechanism to being eaten haha.


We went to the Makers Markets as well and ate at the Beatbox Kitchen, aka that yummy burger van.


It was sooo good! Ugh and the fries! I love fries so much!


There was some kind of tap dancing expo on, I think it was like world tap dancing day or something? So we watched them while we ate.


And this evil bird tried to steal our fries! Damn you arch nemesis!!


By the end of the day I was all tired out!


But not so tired that I couldn’t walk to the other side of the city for bubble tea 😉


I really liked these flowers along the way, I think they would look so beautiful in a window box. We decided that the theme of our house decoration would be flowers so I’m looking everywhere for inspiration!


Isn’t it funny how you never notice things until you look up? I have walked past this statue so many times but I didn’t even see it until recently because it’s so high up!


I’ll have to start being more observant from now on!

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