YAY!!! My Bergamot shirts arrived!


These have been a long time coming so excuse me a little while I camwhore a bit to celebrate 😉


I think Bergamot is pretty happy with them!Bergamot-Bunny-Shirt-Review-0485

Down to the nitty gritty, as you guys know there are no punches pulled in my reviews… even for my own products so let’s get in to it.

The shirts are designed by me and printed through Spreadshirt. You can visit the Bergamot apparel store here.

I ordered 4 shirts for this first lot to test out the quality and shipping times.

The order process was fairly simple but I already have a spreadshirt account so this may change if you don’t. I was able to pick the sizes and colours and international shipping was calculated automatically.

The shipping prices were a bit expensive. For orders under $49.99 it’s $13.99 to Aus but up to $99 it’s $23.99. Considering it took around 2 and a half weeks to arrive I think that’s over priced. If it was shipped via EMS with tracking I think the prices would be fine but for regular airmail it’s too much. That said the prices within the US are quite reasonable so it just made me want to find a separate Australian company to deal with orders on this side of the world. That or possibly order in wholesale quantities and sell them myself here. I’m looking at other options so all suggestions are welcome!

The shirts came bundled in a plastic bag:


There was 1 care instruction sheet.


I ordered 2 of the V-Neck version, 1 long sleeve and 1 classic. I only got to keep one of the v-neck versions though because the others were gifts ;_;


So one by one, this is the v-neck:


I ordered a small out of habit without checking the actual measurements. I’d say that the sizes don’t really correspond to Australian sizes at all and this is really more of a medium than small, you can see how big it is on me in the photos. I’m planning to order some more so I’ll measure and test out other sizes then too.

Seeing as this is the only one I’ve gotten to wear for an extended period of time I have more opinions on it.

The fabric on this was quite thin and drapable (totally a word). Not thin as in low quality but that kind of thinner t-shirt material that hangs nicely. The neck hole was a little smaller than I was expecting but not so small as to be irritating when worn. It’s not transparent so I don’t need to worry about layering and the colours on the print were quite vibrant.

I’ve worn it several times now and it was very comfortable especially after the first wash softened it up completely. I want buy more of this one to use in different Bergamot t-shirt surgery projects, I think it would be a really cute dress!

Overall I’m quite happy with this but I do now want to add in a much more fitted option to the store too because that’s how I prefer my shirts.

Each of the shirt styles had a different manufacturer and you can see more information on the tag shots.

The tag:


And  a close up shot of the print. You can see the colours and the crispness of the print lines. My camera blurred the edges a bit trying to be fancy but in real life it’s quite crisp.


The long sleeve shirt:


This one was a medium and it was much bigger than the V-Neck. The fabric was slightly thinner so I don’t think this would keep you very warm in winter but it would probably good for layering or in Spring/Autumn when the weather can’t make up it’s mind. The fabric was the softest out of all of them to the touch.

This one was a gift so I didn’t get to wear it.


The classic version:


This was the thickest fabric out of the lot and it’s very much a standard shirt. This one was a small too and was around the same size as the v-neck.


So overall thoughts?

I’m happy with what I ordered, the printing looks good, the shirts drape cutely and the design came out how I had envisioned it in my head. The shirts are comfortable and soft.

The shapes are good for standard t-shirts and I’ll be adding in an option for a more fitted shirt now too because that’s my personal preference. I’ll also look for both some smaller and larger sizing options so everyone has a good selection to choose from.

I’m not happy with the shipping charges so I’m going to look for local options as well so people on this side of the world don’t need to worry about crazy prices but I think that within the USA this is a good option for the moment.

I’ll be ordering again in the mean time so we could always do a group order and split the shipping if anyone wants to 😀

Final verdict: DO WANT

And because this is something I’ve been waiting for, have some more photos!



Thanks for reading and make sure you check out the Bergamot Apparel Store here, more designs are coming soon and Sir Reginald just got his first one!


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