This is a really quick video on how I do basic braids. It’s not really that comprehensive but it’s the basics! I might do another one which is more detailed if anyone’s interested. .



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Very Quick Basic Braid Hairstyle Instructions
Today I’ll show you how I do a basic braid.
This is easier to pick up if you already know how to plait.
This won’t be a comprehensive video, this is just a quick video to show the way I do it.
Brush your hair backwards.
Grab a small section at the top.
Divide into three even sections.
Plait it by taking the right section and placing it over the middle section.
Place the left section over the middle then.
Then the right section over the middle.
When you are about to plait the next section from the right, add to it by taking another small piece of hair on that side and including it with the original piece as you plait.
From this point, every time you move a section of hair to the other side, add a little more of the loose hair from that side.
Make sure the extra pieces you’re adding are nice and even so the finish is neat.
You’ll soon be able to see that it looks like a regular plait but with all of the side pieces added in.
I may do another one of these videos with some different camera angles as it’s a little hard to see what’s going on.
Difficult to film as fingers are always in the way.
The further down you go, the easier it is to see the pattern and understand what’s going on.
It’s good to try doing this on a friend before you try on yourself so you can see exactly what your fingers are doing and where they need to be.
Once there’s no more hair left to add in, you should plait down the rest of the way down.
You could also try a fishtail braid here for a more interesting finish.
My arms aren’t long enough so I have to do it around the side.
And that’s it, once you understand the basic mechanics of how the hair fits together it’s very easy to do all kinds of crazy braids.
I hope this was a useful video.
Check out the blog post linked in the description for more information and photo tutorials.
Thanks so much for watching!

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