Once every couple of years I go through a nail growing kick. If I don’t have acrylics I always have short nails. Partially because I have naturally weak nails, partially because I am terrible with fidgeting/biting them and partially because I hate the idea that when one of them breaks I have to get rid of all of them.

Ok the real reason is that I have no self control. Like at all. None. Not even a little bit.

But I really want to grow them out again. I thought maybe if I make myself accountable to all of you guys I might actually do it!! In fact if any of you guys want to grow out your nails too we could all be accountable to each other. We can share tips, blog about it and measure our progress etc 😀

So who’s with me?!

Leave me a comment if you want to join in and maybe we can do a weekly progress check. I can link any posts you make about it and do a heap of nail art too.

I’m going to grow them out starting right now, I’m feeling inspired!

As some more inspiration, here are some photos of nail art from the last time I grew out my nails. I was actually pretty successful so here’s hoping we can all do it this time!








My favorite look from last time:


naliphoto copy

nailphoto copy

tumblr_lf5msuhC7i1qd7nueo1 copy

For Lunar New Year:

tumblr_lg0mhhMoKk1qd7nueo1 copy

tumblr_lg0mf3uaUa1qd7nueo1 copy

tumblr_lfx8sy48ju1qd7nueo1 copy

tumblr_lf5muc6RQd1qd7nueo1 copy

tumblr_lf5mtgR6gM1qd7nueo1 copy

VioletLeBeauxP1040334_113 copy

VioletLeBeauxP1040332_111 copy

They got to be around this length before one of them snapped and I cut them all off:

P1040271 copy

I’m totally on a mission now, no more biting, no more fiddling and no more poor cuticle care!

From now on only nail polish, hand cream and awesome looking fingers.

I think with all of us trying to do this together I can develop will power 😀 Leave me a comment if you’re going to take up the challenge too!!

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