This craft project was really inspired by James. Our conversation went something like this:

Violet: I have all this string, what should I do with it?

James: *inappropriate suggestion not fit for the internet*

Violet: -_-‘ I meant a craft project!

James: That could be considered a craft project…

Violet: What about something for around the home?

James: How about some kind of nautical home accessories? Like to hold flowers or candles or something?

Violet: Holding candles in flammable string might not be a great idea but sure let’s see how that goes!

This was the pile of string I was trying to be inspired by:


Now if this had been a particularly lazy day I would have said “I know, I’ll make a scale model of the flying spaghetti monster. Oh look, I’m done!”… but I wanted something slightly more challenging. I thought of doing something bathroom-ish because that’s where nautical rope themed things seem to end up but it really didn’t fit how I wanted my bathroom to end up looking. In the end I settled on a basic container which could be used for pretty much whatever.

The process is extremely simple:

Get string, make a spiral out of the string and hot glue as you go.


The finished base:


Once you have the base make a spiral going up. If you’re concerned it’s not looking straight you can put a cup or something in the middle to hold the shape better while you glue.


I did two strands at once because my rope was all tangly.


Done. Yep that’s it.


And once finished the only problem was that it still really didn’t go with anything in our house XD


But if your house is more this kind of theme, it’s an extremely quick project to do!


You could hold pens in it or something?


And to please James here’s what it looks like with a candle. Very pretty but also very flammable and, you know, probably melty because of the hot glue so I don’t suggest doing this at all!


I should have stuck with the spaghetti monster XD

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