One of my favorite Korean restaurants, Gami Chicken, has the most delicious kimchi pancakes. They are quite expensive though so one day during a massive craving, James decided to try and make some at home.


They turned out quite delicious! This recipe is a combination of some he found online and some from the Korean cooking books we had.kimchi-pancake-recipe-818You need:

  • 1 cup  kimchi
  • 1/2 an onion
  • Pinch of salt
  • Pinch of sugar
  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 1/3 cup water


We found kimchi at the local Asian grocery store for $4 a jar. I wasn’t really planning to use it for anything else so it was fairly cost effective. Celeste is always telling me to try making my own though which I really should some time! One of my favorite TV shows at the moment is a Korean show called “We Got Married” and on the show quite a few of the couples have tried making kimchi. Their results are usually quite hilarious so for now I think I’ll stick to the $4 tubs XD.


So step one was cut up the kimchi so it was quite fine.


I don’t like spicy things so James drains the juice out of the kimchi so that this version is extra mild. If you like spicy things you can add more juice. If you add juice make sure to add less water.


Next the onion was finely chopped.


Salt and sugar in too.


And flour and water.


Mix it all up until it forms a thick batter.


Put some oil in a pan on a high heat and pour the batter in.


Smoosh it all out so it forms a flat pancake. The batter is quite sticky, so this can be a little difficult.


Let it cook in the oil until the sides crispy up. Take a peak at the bottom to make sure it doesn’t burn!


Flip it over and it should be golden. Flipping can be pretty hard, and if you are doing the one, two, three cartoon pancake flipping method then make sure that all the oil has been absorbed by the pancake 😉 You don’t want that sucker to splash hot oil everywhere when it lands back in the pan!

Cook the other side until it matches and it’s ready to serve!


This made a pretty huge pancake so I ate half and saved the rest for later. You could probably make two with the amount of batter we made, but it’s easier to cook it all in one go.


So delicious, crispy, really quick and easy to make for lunch! Yum!


What do you guys normally do for lunch? I feel like I’m always rushing because I work while I eat most of the time so I don’t cook as much as I’d like to >_<

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