Almost 3 years ago now on Twitter Miss Esme and the Laneway asked me if I had any ideas on how to store belts in a more organised way. At the time I didn’t own any belts but I do actually remember these things XD

So 3 years later here we are hahaha!

Living in an apartment with very limited storage space means having to find ways to display things as well as store them neatly. I collect scarves and now I have a decent collection of belts to my name as well so it was time to do something useful with them rather than hiding them in a drawer which could be used for better things.

The solution: commandeer a suit pants clothes hanger and arrange the belts and scarves in one easy to hang area!


The belts are looped through the top 2 tiers with the decorations pointing out. This means they can be easily removed and put back without disturbing the others on the rack. The long parts hang at the back so they are hidden.

The scarves have two rows as well but because there are more of them I hang the least used ones on top and most used on bottom. There’s another row below it to use when I collect more too. Let the scarf obsession continue! They too can be removed easily without disturbing the others.

Previous to this solution I’ve tried out many other ways to store them including making a hanger rack but none of them worked so generally the belts would just end up dumped on the end of  my clothes rack.


… or more realistically on a pile on the floor 😉


This solution is much prettier but more importantly it’s practical too which is really what the Home Sweet Home project is all about! One more thing done, only the rest of the house to go haha!

It’s funny, making the little changes like this seems to inspire me a lot more than making the big changes. I’m sure that will change when I get to the really big stuff like the couches but  these things keep me happy in the mean time!

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