I am asked very often to do absolute beginners tutorials on things like sewing, crochet and knitting. I definitely want to do all of these in the long run but they are posts which take quite a bit of time to put together as they require a lot more instruction than regular tutorials.

I’ve done a learn to crochet video and tutorial over here and I am 90% ready to post a knitting one too so that leaves sewing next.

Considering how long it’s taken me to get to this point I thought I would point you guys to some links which might be useful in the mean time. Many of these are quite popular sites but hopefully they can be a good start ^_^


Learn to crochet…

  • Lionbrand How To Crochet
    Simple tutorials and videos for beginners.
  • Lionbrand, Glossary of Terms Used
    One of the bigger yarn companies (though I don’t think you can get it in Aus!) has easy to follow instructions.
  • Crochet Geek
    This website had both left handed and right handed versions of their videos showing basic stitches.
  • About.com – Crochet
    Personally I don’t like About.com because I hate the layout but it does have a lot of tutorials and patterns.
  • Bunny Crochet
    Well if you want to learn how to crochet and end up with a cute bunny you’re in the right place!

Websites with free crochet patterns…

  • Crochet Pattern Central
    Masses of free patterns all organised by type.
  • Free Vintage Crochet
    Lots of patterns but as the title says, all from vintage magazines and books. This site is full of annoying pop up ads but some of the patterns are worth it because it can be hard to actually find vintage styles like this any more.
  • Coats & Clark
    I’m pretty sure this is another yarn company but their section of free projects is pretty good.
  • Lionbrand
    Heaps of free crochet patterns here too. They also have a handy thing which converts the crochet patterns to knitting and vice versa.


Learn to knit…

Websites with free knitting patterns…

  • Knitting Pattern Central
    Same as the crochet version of this site there are heaps and heaps of free patterns divided by type.
  • Vogue Knitting
    Vogue has had a knitting version/sections for as long as I can remember. The patterns are quite varied and worth a look but you need to sign u to download them.
  • Nerdy Knitting
    Exactly what the title says, a collection of nerdy themed knitting projects. It’s on Livejournal so you may need and account to view I’m not sure.
  • Knitty Magazine
    Knitty is an online magazine full of tutorials and patterns. All of the previous patterns and issues are online too and it’s totally worth trawling through them because there are some real gems. There’s a bit of everything from regular shawls and cardigans to crazy stuff like knitted wigs for Halloween.
  • Lionbrand
    Heaps of free knitting patterns here too. They also have a handy thing which converts the knitting patterns to crochet and vice versa.


Learn to sew…

  • Free Needle
    Lots of basic beginners tutorials as well as covering the basic pattern making concepts.
  • Sew Stitch Learn
    Basic techniques including ruffles, bows and zippers. Lots of good information with clear photos. Good information on sewing machines and the technicalities about it.
  • Cyber Seams
    Information about sewing by hand, Very important skill because machines aren’t always available or appropriate.
  • About.com – Sewing
    Again, hate the layout but there are some good beginners tips here.

Websites with free sewing patterns…

  • Simplicity Patterns
    One of the largest pattern companies, they also offer many free tutorials and patterns on their website. There are tutorials on sewing techniques as well as actual free patterns.
  • Lolita Handbook patterns
    I know a lot of you are into Lolita styles so I’ve included some links here. Many of these can be modified into other styles including Hime Gyaru with a few changes. This link gives some basic sewing advice and a couple of tutorials.
  • Avant Gauche Sewing
    Another Lolita link, this is a collection of commercial patterns which could be used  for Lolita styled clothing.
  • Burda Style
    Another big commercial pattern maker, Burda have a section where you can submit your own patterns as well. You can see lots of other people’s tutorials.
  • Thread Banger
    Youtube channel which has some interesting sewing and diy ideas.
  • Freeneeedle
    A collection of links to various blogs which have sewing and diy tutorials. It can be a bit of a gamble clicking as there are no preview images but there are so many patterns you could spend hours doing it.

Inspiration and communities:

  • Craftster
    Massive crafting forums. Everyone is very friendly and all crafts are welcome. I always mean to post more on my account here and never have time to ;_;
  • Ravelry
    Knitting community! Invite only but signing up only takes a few minutes so it’s worth it. There are heaps of free and paid patterns as well as a massive library of yarns. You can also keep track of all of your projects and how far complete you are.
  • Pinterest
    If you’re on here you should totally add me! Anyway, you can find pretty much any craft imaginable as well as keep track of future projects you want to do.
  • CraftGawker
    Similar to Pinterest though they moderate all submissions so only the prettiest things get in. Again you can save favorites and click through to the full tutorial etc. Lots of pretty eye candy and full of tutorials.
  • Etsy
    This is the place to go for supplies and to buy other people’s crafts for sale. If you ever decide you want to sell your work this is a good place to start. Remember to check whether patterns you use are available for commercial use though. For example mine are available for personal use only so you can’t sell products made from my patterns.
  • Deviantart
    This is another community for artists, the Artisian Crafts section is huge and there are lots of knitting/sewing/crochet groups. If you’re into cosplay there are lots of groups and tutorials too.

So hopefully they are useful and will keep you going for a little while longer!

If you have any awesome sites of suggestions just let me know in the comments and I’ll add them. I’m considering maybe putting together a bigger list of tutorials so if you guys have written any you can submit them. What do you think? Would that be useful?


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