A delicious round up today with some Japanese candy!

Here’s a hair tutorial to begin with, it’s a Spring-ish side bun with a braid going around the back.

James ordered me some of those Kracie DIY candy making kits. Oh my god it was so fun to make!! This is the first video in a series!

Now here’s a relaxing Outfit Of the Day- Night Time Chill

Also guess what arrived in the mail from Blurb.com the other day??


Blurb sent me the hardcover edition of Bergamot’s first book!!


Just like my other Blurb book the quality is fantastic!


Enjoy some photo spam mwahaha! Blurb was a pleasure to deal with and the quality is always so lovely. I really love that “new book smell”. Seriously that’s the first thing I always do with new books… does being a book sniffer make me weird?? XD


If you want to read or download your own copy of Bergamot’s book go check out her website here.


This is the next step in being able to offer these books for you guys so I’m finally making progress yay!!


If I can work out the prices so it’s not crazy expensive for you guys I should be able to offer them for sale in the next few weeks.


Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak.



Hope you all had a great weekend! ^_^

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