I hereby name this snapshots post “Stuff I Ate and Generic Pretty Scenery”.


James has been really going nuts trying to make healthy food lately. He’s on a health kick. I am not. Tensions are high in regards to dinners XD

He made little potato slices with parmesan and light sour cream. Not exactly healthy but we compromise!

Violet lebeaux crafts_722

I love food shots taken from above.

Violet lebeaux crafts_721

James got some new shoes that he totally hates but secretly totally loves. His old shoes finally bit the dust. He’s acting all cool like he doesn’t even care about shoes but I know that deep down he has a shoe love affair. He’s monogamous though, only one pair of shoes at a time. I’m more open in the shoe love area so I have several lovers at a time.

This is what happens when I don’t sleep.


Here’s a delicious bagel.


We have clearly gone to that delicious Korean place I filmed my Vlogs at one too many times because now they remember us XD


I still love this grape drink too! It’s got actual whole grapes floating around in it 😀


Yummy tea time!


And bibimbap! I love stone pot anything but bibimbap is one of my particular favorites. So far as side dishes go, this place makes some kind of honey potatoes. Oh my god they are the best thing in the universe, kind of waxy almost but honey and asdfadfdroool. I’m hungry again.


James is totally all about spicy food at the moment. He’s built up quite a tolerance to it now and he always orders spicy something or other. Then he goes on about how spicy it is and his whole face turns red!


The last time we went there was a fire in the building next door and a whole bunch of firemen were hanging out.


James ate a gigantic pizza.


I ate a crepe. Silly Violet, that’s not the way to eat a crepe.


We tried out Pink Cafe which is a place full of the most random foods.


Hot dogs, waffles with peanut butter and condensed milk and cups of corn.


Delicious corn!


Now we move on to the beautifully generic scenery portion of this episode.


Ah Docklands, everyone kind of hates you but you’re so full of pretty scenery!


Sunset with people rowing!


The lights at Southbank are beautiful too.


As pretty as they are though, they just can’t compete with the city skyline.


There’s just something about the city that brings me back every time.


Ah Australia, you’re such an odd mix of scenery in the best way possible.


Got to run now, I’ve got a skype interview to get ready. I’m being so productive doing that by camwhoring instead 😉


How was your week?

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