It can be quite dirty living in the city especially when you spend most of your life attached to a handbag.

As such I decided to show Bergamot some love and give her a day of pampering with a spa 😀

So without further ado I present Bergamot’s Ultimate Spa Tutorial.


Step one in the ultimate bunny spa day is to remove all jewellery. You don’t want it to get tarnished in the soapy water!


Next you want to have a big fluffy warm towel ready for when you get out. It’s really cold in Melbourne at the moment so you don’t want to catch a cold! I also like to tie up my ears with a headband (or hair if you have that instead!).


Then it’s time to add the water. Make sure it’s nice and warm but not scalding because that’s bad for your skin!


You can treat  yourself to a really luxurious bath bomb or some delicious smelling candles to set the mood. I chose some yummy peach scented hand wash because I wanted to get all of that city dirt out.


Make sure you test that the water’s not too hot before getting in!


Aaaah that’s nice! Now sit back and relax until it starts getting cold. I would recommend bringing in some delicious chocolates, a cup of tea and a good book. If you’re clumsy like me I would not suggest bringing in a kindle/ipad for reading unless you have something to lean it on ^_^ Don’t want any electrical mishaps!

Also if your paws are covered in fur you might want to skip the chocolate part because you’ll end up dirtier with melted chocolate than you were to begin with haha!


After you’re all relaxed it’s time to hop out and dry off!

Mmmm all clean and snuggly!


This is where having a blow drier bigger than yourself really comes in handy with chasing away the winter blues!!


Now I’m all relaxed and ready to go make another cup of tea before I get back in Violet’s bag!


I recommend taking time off like this at least once a week so you can de-stress and come up with lots of creative ideas. I’m lucky because I can use a bowl as a bath, poor Violet doesn’t fit in a bowl so she has to make do with the shower *_* It’s much harder to read in the shower!!

Enjoy your relaxation time and make sure you come check out my adventures at my blog:

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