Snapshot time 😀 This time we visited Ikea in search of nice things to decorate the house with!


There were so many cute things there that were completely nonfunctional but beautiful. I wanted to take a lot of things home that I didn’t have the money for XD


They had a whole range of cute rose things.Melbourne-Snapshots-065Melbourne-Snapshots-068Melbourne-Snapshots-066

And so many fake flowers and plants. I am going to decorate our whole house with them! I can’t kill what isn’t alive in the first place!


James stayed classy relaxing in front of his creepy fake fire place.


Very cute idea!


Pretty sheets I almost bought but couldn’t find the right size.


These lamps from Bunnings were very pretty too!


It’s been insanely rainy this month. I really love the rain especially at night when it makes the city look so beautiful.


We went to the Tony and Guy event because I was in their Blogged and Bound book too.



Mostly it was an excuse for me to pose dramatically with hair appliances and abuse the photo machine they had. Never invite me to events with photo booths, I will absolutely monopolise them mwahaha!



When I’m rich I’m totally going to have one in our house.


One of the awesome hair stylists from the Blogged and Bound shoot was giving the demonstration. She is just the cutest and she uses the same ideas when styling hair as me: add more pins and spray 😀


I told you, photobooth abuse with Jess and Amy!


Seriously, one in my house. It’s going to be awesome, you guys can all come take photos with me 😀

Hope you’ve all had a good week too!

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