Thanks very much for being lovely enough to film with me Michelle!

A new segment I’m trying out where in I show my morning make up routine for various days and chat about what I’m doing that day. Not really a tutorial, more of a random girly chat while we get ready together in the bathroom 😉

Today’s video is special because I was able to meet Michelle Phan: I hope you enjoy it! .



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Morning Make Up- Meeting Michelle Phan Instructions

Michelle and Violet- Hi!
Violet- Good morning!
Today’s morning make up has a little bit of a twist to it.
I got to meet Michelle Phan at a Lancome Blogger event.
Better do my make up first though!
Foundation always first of course
I tried out this mascara guard from Daiso because it seemed like fun!
I had mixed results with it, it worked on the top lashes well but not so much on the bottoms.
Sure it may look ridiculous but… well not that’s pretty much it.
Verdict? Meh, not bad.
I went with one of my classic looks today.
A wash of light purple over the lid first.
I was invited to the Lancome Blogger event as Michelle was here to talk about their new range.
Light pink glitter in the inner corners of the eyes.
I was quite excited as it’s not often other bloggers or Youtubers come to Australia!
Dark purple in a pointed “C” shape on the outer corners of the eyes.
We weren’t sure what was going to happen but it turned out to be an informal Q and A session.
White highlighter under the brow to give it a lift.
And a dot of white in the center of the lid to open the eyes up too.
Then blending it all together with a fluffy brush.
Michelle was really sweet and answered all of our questions.
A thick layer of eyeliner next, winging out the edges quite a bit.
As well as giving us information about how she started out on Youtube.
I also like to bring the liner down a little bit on the lower lash line too.
It was a really interesting afternoon!
Getting there!
White shimmer liner goes all over the lower waterline.
Be careful not to poke yourself!
Both Michelle and the PR ladies complimented my outfit which was very sweet of them!
I blended the liner out with a little cream shadow too.
James shot my video and of course he just enjoyed the macarons.
Blush time! I like to use a little light pink on the apples.
I was more interested in taking notes than macarons!
Now my favourite part… the lipstick!
I love these deep pink tones.
And applying an orange toned glitter gloss over it really makes the whole thing look awesome.
I hope other Youtubers will come and visit us here in Australia soon too!
Of course I filmed all of this and was about to leave before remembering that I had forgot something very important…
Clearly my brain wasn’t working properly this day.
But it’s an easy fix!
My favourite lashes are those that alternate between long points and shorter criss crosses.
Actually done this time!
Enough of this though, let’s see the event!
Michelle- You’re so cute, I just want to put you in my pocket!
So I want to thank Lancome, Myer and of course Michelle Phan for putting on such a lovely event.
It was really great to meet everyone, catch up with old friends and make some new friends too.
I hope we can all meet up again soon.
Hopefully Michelle enjoyed her time here in Australia and she can come back again soon for a catch up!
I really appreciated all of the effort everyone put into the event!
So hopefully everyone had as fun of a time as I did.
Thanks so much for everyone who took photos and videos with me too!
If you enjoyed the video make sure you check out the rest of my videos for more cute crafty things as well as some hair and make up.
Hope you guys had fun too and thanks so much for watching.

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