Someone wrote to me a while ago looking to learn how to make floral headbands. I really need a better system to keep track of tutorial requests, maybe a public list for submissions or something because I keep losing them between emails/Facebook/Twitter/everywhere else >_< They are super easy to make if you have the right materials so I was able to do one up in a few minutes.

Speaking of requests, I really need an easier way of keeping track of them other than email because I tend to lose emails and get confused as to who’s asked for what. I’m thinking of maybe starting a to do list somewhere where you can submit requests or something similar. Let me know what you think!

Anyway back to floral headbands…


You need:

  • Ribbon to be the base
  • Fake flowers
  • Green ribbon for leaves
  • Other pretty ribbons and beads
  • Needle/thread or hot glue


Start by wrapping the base ribbon around your head and deciding how much of it needs to be covered in flowers. I think it works best if you do ear to ear. I marked my ribbon using paper clips so I could see where I needed to work.


The first thing you want to do is lay out the flowers so you know how many you have and where the placement should be. I like to put them alone or in groups of two.


I had some rose ribbon so I measured it to weave in and out between the roses too. You could use regular ribbon or beads or anything.


Now we need to make a heap of leaves to go along with it. To do that you will need some green ribbon. Fold it in a loop like this.


Then into a figure 8 with a loop on the other side too.


Stitch it in the middle and snip off the extra ribbon.


Make enough of those that you can use them under all of the flowers. Some might need two or to be folded in half so both petals are on one side to make it look more interesting and natural.


Now you’ve got all the pieces it’s time to stitch it all down. If you’re in a rush you can glue it together but that’s not great for long term use, only if you’re aiming for a costume.




Tie it around your head and you’re all good to go!


Thanks everyone for reading!


This totally reminds me of something Nessbow would wear, she always has the cutest floral bands!

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