It’s a round up day today and I’m feeling so organised 😀

I’ve joined Instagram (finally!) so if you’re on there too feel free to add me, my username is VioletLeBeaux!

I’ve gotten into a routine of posting Vlogs once a week again so here’s last week’s video of some puppies I saw kissing SO CUTE!!

We received a package from PureGirlBlue too and it was AWESOME!

I’ve started feeling a bit more inspired with my make up again so here’s a Morning Make Up featuring some wearable fushia 😀

I had a lot of requests to do a tutorial on this style of bun which is braided upwards through the back of the head. Done and done 😀

The biggest news today is that I’ve finally been able to launch my Deluxe Tutorial Packs for sale. Nothing is going to change on this site, there will still be heaps of free tutorials for you guys so don’t stress out ^_^

Each pack will have a PDF pack with 3 step by step tutorials featuring 1 exclusive one and 2 reworked tutorials centered around a theme. The first theme is “Relaxing” and the tutorials are:

  • The 20 Minute Pajamas
  • The Recycled Bunny Slipper
  • The Kitty Sleep Mask
Each of the reworked tutorials has been reformatted, rewritten, the photos reedited so they are clearer to understand.
Each pattern includes printable pattern sheets with instructions on how to measure everything so you get the best result possible. This is all exclusive to the Deluxe Pack editions.
The PDF if optimised for viewing on iPad so you can have it there while you’re actually doing the craft and follow along.
I’m working on other packs at the moment but you can view and purchase the Relaxing pack in my Etsy store now.

Click here to visit my Etsy Store and read more about the first Deluxe Tutorial Pack.

And here are some of the preview images to give you an idea what you can expect in each pack ^_^

So there you go, I hope you enjoyed the videos and check out the Deluxe Tutorial Packs if you’re interested. Hope you all had a good weekend and I’ve got a lot of fun posts coming up this week to look forward too including a delicious donut recipe on Friday ^_^

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