Snapshots today!
First off we start with some delicious food 😀 There’s this amazing Taiwanese tea house in Brisbane called Kwan Yin and it’s my favorite place in the entire world. Last time I was there I asked if the owner knew anywhere similar in Melbourne and she gave me her friend’s card. Turns out she owns a little restaurant here called “A Caterpillar’s Dream”. They are a much fancier upmarket version of Kwan Yin but just as delicious. We drove out to Kew with Kim to test it out and weren’t disappointed!


The sweet potato wedges were just how I remembered, so yummy!DSC_8000DSC_8003

The bento’s weren’t quite the same but still so delicious! It was definitely worth the trip out. I love that both Kwan Yin and A Caterpillar’s Dream are vegetarian restaurants so all of the meat is fake meat. I was so worried about taking James to Kwan Yin the first time I didn’t tell him it was fake meat and he thought it was delicious! Mwahaha > : D


We went to watch the Roller Derby recently too which was really interesting. The building it’s in has a big pie out the front for some reason haha!


We ate all of the usual terrible event food that is always at these things 😀


Some of us did it with more class than others…


The derby itself was really interesting because none of us knew the rules so for the first match we just guessed and cheered when it seemed appropriate XD


The crowd was pretty big and so many girls with beautiful hair colours too!


The first match was quite a bit slower than the second.


We did eventually find a pamphlet to work out what was going on though!


It was pretty funny, Kim was standing behind us with her brother to get better photos and she handed me the pamphlet with the rules over my shoulder. James thought it was a complete stranger handing it to me because I looked like I didn’t know what was going on XD Not quite that embarrassing!


These photos look pretty crappy so small but the big versions were so pretty that I want to get some of them printed somewhere.


All of the players and the referees had awesome nicknames too! Roger Ramjet for the win!


At half time we were all pretty much frozen into icecubes but having fun!


Kim and Din were all rugged up!


I really liked the structure holding th tent up because it looked like some kind of alien landing craft XD


I met this lovely lady who was holding a stall at the markets inside the building. She had the most AMAZING outfit, it was so detailed and beautiful up close and I really regret not getting one of her cards.


The second match was really fluro with pink vs green!


I took a lot of photos but it’s hard to caption these XD


It wasn’t quite as violent as tv has lead me to believe 😉


The girls were totally fearless though, it was quite exciting to watch them because they go so fast!


Almost makes me want to learn how to skate but I think I’m a bit too easily bruised for this kind of thing XD


Very interesting to watch though!


I think I’ve spammed you all with enough roller derby goodness now, if you’re in Melbourne I definitely suggest checking out the league! We’re going to go again when winter’s over and it’s not so damn cold at night!

What did you all get up to this week?

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