Last Sunday Daiso finally opened their CBD store! I was so excited about this because the original ones were too far out for me to visit very often. For those of you not familiar with the concept of Daiso, it’s a Japanese discount variety store where everything is $2.80 (well it’s 100yen plus tax in Japan but here we pay extra… because it’s Australia).

You guys enjoyed the last lot of Daiso photos I took so I took more which I thought you guys might like too ^_^ Video will be up asap so enjoy the photos in the mean time!

Seeing all of the little details and bits and pieces was really inspiring for my Home Sweet Home project. I’ve been feeling a bit down on it because I hit a plateau where the house is nice enough that I can live with it… but not so nice that it’s perfect. I needed this to give me a bit of a kick to get back into things! Now I want to go back and replace all of the crappy functional things in my house with nice ones haha!

[zenphotopress album=539 sort=latest number=100]

Have you guys been yet? I bought quite a few things… mostly for the future puppy 😀 😀 😀

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