A little while ago my friend Kim was nice enough to give me this cute bow shaped pencil case for my birthday. So cute!


I realised when she gave it to me that I had a big bow at home in my craft pile that came off a really cute bag which I’d accidentally spilled a drink on. I thought why not make a matching bigger version to keep even more pencils in!

And here they are together!


You could easily do this tutorial just with some spare fabric you have though.Kawaii-Pencil-Case-Tutorial-607

This is the bow I started with.

I used:

  • Velcro
  • Ribbon
  • Needle and thread
  • Glue gun


First thing was taking it apart so it wasn’t joined up in the middle anymore.


I unpicked all of the stitching in the middle.


Then restitched it up the bottom, it wouldn’t be a very useful pencil case if they all just fell out the bottom haha!


So this is what I was left with.


I stitched the back pieces together as well.


At this point it was basically a big pouch.


Then on each side I folded the pleats up individually and stitched them together so they are held in place.


Next was creating something to hold the middle in place and hide the ugly marks from the original stitching. I only had thin ribbon rather than the thick stuff so I used 3 layers of it.


It was easier to just glue this than stitch because of the thick fabric. So two lots first:


Then one in the middle to cover the gaps.


And the ends were folded into the middle and glued in place.


Last thing to do is find a way to keep it closed. I didn’t have a zip the right colour so I used velcro. I snipped the middle so it would curve and follow the natural line of the bow.


After being glued in place it looked like this:


Not too bad!


Then it was just a matter of filling it with some more pencils!


Not quite big enough to fit all of my copic markers but maybe I’ll make a gigantic one!


And with it’s baby sister 😀


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