So remember when I made that big blue batwing style cardigan? And it was not bad but I wanted to try it out with a knitted fabric to give it a better drape?

While I was cleaning out our cupboards I found what I was planning to make it out of:


Back when we lived in Brisbane I spent months knitting these big blankets to use as throw rugs on our couches. When we moved they got shoved in the cupboard and eventually made their way to Melbourne with us. They probably would have actually been useful here with us having a real winter but I forgot about them completely so they lived in space bags until now!I used the same technique as last time, folding the corners in together to make the sleeves. The blanket was longer than it was wide so that made it a bit trickier.VioletLeBeaux-Batwing-Cardigan-Tutorial-63_18871

I used a yarn needle to stitch it all together evenly.


The shape and fact that there was a thinner red stripe at one end actually make it a lot more jumper like because when laid out it naturally formed a folded collar. Totally looks like I planned it 😉 … which I totally did if anyone asks…


So there you go! I prefer this one to the blue one because it drapes beautifully and I really like chunky knits. The only problem I have is that it’s not quite wide enough so I might knit on some longer sleeves if I can find some matching yarn again.


Ugh that reminds me that I need to go through my yarn stash… it’s getting out of control and I haven’t made anything for ages!

Bad Violet, it’s Winter so get knitting!!


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