I’ve been needle felting again 😀

Here’s the little scottie dog I made and below it I’ll show you how I made a little bunny charm.


Heehee with the fox so cute!VioletLeBeaux-Needle-Felting-536_18648So here’s the finished charm, I originally got the idea for a charm like this from a video on youtube which (even though I spent a long time looking today) I can longer find, the girl made a really pretty necklace out of needle felted balls and flowers. If you’ve happened to see the video please send me the link so I can add it here! *Edit* Reece let me know the video is here! YAY! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgqWY0aYVFAphoto[2]

I really love felting when it’s incorporated into jewellery with other mediums.

Start with a ball of green, I mixed a couple of greens for the one I wanted.


I made it small enough to fit snugly into the little plastic base.


And hot glued it firmly.


Then it was just a matter of  adding a design. I chose a bunny because… well they’re damn cute!


It took me a while to understand how to shape it well but now I want to try more felting embroidery like this.


Some little flowers around the bunny and that’s it! Now it just needs a brooch backing or something similar.


Of course the downside of this craft is that everything even remotely close to it looks furry like this.


So if you don’t separate the roving properly you’ll be breathing in fibre all night >_< Totally worth the time to be gentle for the best results because it’s such a cute craft!

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