Finally a food Friday… on a Saturday. I think I have the flu ;_;

It’s one of James’s favorites actually: Peach Melba Tea from Oriental Tea House. I’m in their Tea Tester program so when James found out theyoffered me a box of the Peach Melba he threatened to break up with me if I didn’t give it to him XD

We made the tea as an ice tea and it was delicious, but not overly exciting, so I thought I’d bam it up a notch and try something a little different.

A while ago while I was on a jelly binge we found a new “create your own flavour!” box and snapped it up thinking of the delicious flavours we could make! The possibilites were endless… cotton candy…strawberries & cream…unicorn…but that was just the problem >_< Too many choices! When the Peach Melba tea arrived the same day we ran out of regular flavoured jelly we decided it was fate, we would make the worlds first PEACH MELBA JELLY!!!


VioletLeBeaux-Tea-Jelly-45_19523The tea comes with some instructions on the box for optimal brewing!VioletLeBeaux-Tea-Jelly-43_19521We added two teaspoons of sugar to a mug, then put two tablespoons of the loose leaf tea into our favorite brewy-meshy-tea strainy thingy and filled it with boiling water.


Then we put the create-a-jelly mix into a big bowl, poured in 200ml cup of boiling water and stirred until it dissolved


After about 5 minutes the tea was ready too!


We poured the tea into the create-a-jelly and whisked. Whisk like the wind!!! Oh, but also not too much because you don’t want bubbles in your jelly! James is always over zealous with his whisking.


It made enough for two of our heart shaped silicon cake pans which are about an inch deep and the size of my hand spread out. If those aren’t scientific enough measurements for you then you’re at the wrong blog… 😉


It was about this point that I made the mistake of reading the tea box out loud. Apparently you can EAT the tea bits after brewing because they are actual pieces of peaches and berries ets. James thought it would be a brilliant idea to add the tea to the jelly. I wasn’t so keen on the idea so I didn’t let him touch mine. It did actually look very pretty though, the kind of thing I imagine would be lovely at a tea party.


Into the fridge they went for a few hours until set.

We haven’t quite mastered getting the jelly out of the molds yet. It’s a long debate between the two of us as to the best way to get jelly out in one piece. All suggestions welcome! It might not look very pretty but it tasted delicious! James thought  the peach bits were really nice in the jelly, but he actually hates tea so he picked out the leaves. I didn’t like the solid bits but I have really weird things about textures. The plain one was really yummy though!


Ignore that and look at it in the mold again 😀


There you have it! If you’re looking for a deicious way to keep cool in the summer or for a fancy way to jazz up a triffle, Peach Melba Tea from The Oriental Tea House! I’m not going to stop here though, now I know it works I’m going to try other teas, I think blueberry would be so good!



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