The last edition to my big window make over is a pretty window box full of fake flowers ^_^


I searched EVERYWHERE for a nice window box. We went to so many shops and everywhere either only had horrible ugly ones or had nothing. Even Ikea was sold out ;_; So I decided to just make one. It ended up being quite easy too so read on for more 😀


For the basic box I chose some ugly brown plastic planters from Tokuya which were $2.80 each. To fix the brown-ness I spray painted them white.-Fake-Window-Box-Tutorial-292We live in apartment so spray painting is not the easiest. This time I laid out a lot of paper in the alley way downstairs but it still didn’t catch the overflow, so for the next project I worked out a way to do it inside the apartment using a series of boxes.-Fake-Window-Box-Tutorial-290

Ugly clothes are very much required for painting.


We gave each box two coats.


Then flipped them to do the other sides.


Once dry I took them back inside and fixed them to the railings with wire because they are very light. To pretty it up a bit and hide the wires I added some plastic white picket fencing I also found at Tokuya for $2.80. This was tied on using white ribbon so it didn’t add more wire.


The wire holding the box is behind.


And the ribbons holding the picket is in front.


Getting there but they are still pretty plain looking so it’s tie to add some flowers!


It’s too cold to plant any of the things we actually wanted and I have a bit of reputation for killing plants so we decided to use fake flowers for now so it would be pretty during winter and then consider using some actual flowers or herbs in Summer.

Trust me, it’s better that real plants don’t live in our house, I’ve managed to kill strawberries that James managed to bring back to life 6 months later, it wasn’t pretty >_<

Anyway I used a piece of plastic sheeting for the top and a bunch of left over flowers from other projects.


I cut the plastic sheeting to make sure it was a very snug fit. Once in the box I didn’t want it flying out the first time it got windy!


I settled on a colour scheme for the flowers next and laid them all out.


Starting at the corners and going all the way around the edges I hot glued each flower one by one. Hot glue was the best choice for this as it is reasonably weather proof.




And here’s the second one ready to go into the other box.


Slotted in place they look pretty good!


Very colourful and pretty 😀

Lastly I added some curtain ties also from Tokuya which fit the garden theme.


Looking pretty good!


And that’s my windows all finished! I’m very happy with them, it really brightens the whole place up and makes it a pleasure to work in the living room now!


Now enjoy some more gratuitous photos of them!


The flowers got their first taste of the rain the next day and held up perfectly. In fact it’s been around 3 weeks since I finished them and they still look as good as the day I put them out so yay for weather proof!


Much harder to kill too 😉

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